Nightguard Instructions

IMPORTANT: Place appliance under warm tap water for approximately one minute each time before inserting it into the mouth.

For best results on cleaning your nightguard:

You can purchase the DURAclean2 mix solution at

  • Fill the enclosed nightguard box half full with warm tap water (approximately 1/2cup).
  • Add one scoop (3/4 teaspoon) of DURAclean2 – mix solution to dissolve the powder.
  • Soak CLEARsplint nightguard in the solution for 15-20 min.
  • Remove CLEARsplint nightguard from solution and brush thoroughly.
  • Rinse CLEARsplint nightguard thoroughly under running tap water.

Another cleaning option: You may clean your nightguard by soaking it in warm soapy water for 15-20 minutes. Remove and brush the nightguard and then rinse under running tap water.

If you would like to download our helpful guide to caring for your nightguard, click below

Nightguard Instructions