Dental FAQ

Will my tooth hurt if I have a cavity?

Generally, the idea that cavities hurt is a common misconception. Most of the time a tooth will not hurt with a small or even medium sized cavity present. Most commonly, the tooth starts hurting when the cavity grows into the nerve of the tooth. We recommend frequent dental check-ups to try to prevent any cavities from forming and also so we are able to diagnose if a cavity is present. Early detection is important in avoiding pain and expenses down the road.

I have dental anxiety. What options do you have to help me through my appointments?

There are many people who have dental anxiety, so you do not need to feel alone! Our office offers many options to help you feel comfortable throughout your procedure. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) can be added to any appointment upon your request. Dr. Phillips also offers different levels of oral sedation. If you are interested in oral sedation, please give us a call for a consultation.

How do the doctors keep up to date on Dental techniques and procedures?

Both Dr. Johnson and Dr. Phillips stay up-to-date on continuing education and cutting-edge techniques. Dr. Johnson attends multiple monthly study clubs, such as Spears Study Club, Twin Cities Perio Study Club, and Minnetonka Study Club. Dr. Johnson is also a member of the ADA and MDA. Dr. Phillips is a member of the ADA, AGD, and IDIA and she has also taken continuing education courses on placing implants. Dr. Phillips was recently on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic where she placed 20 implants on patients there.

Do I have options to finance my treatment?

Our office accepts Care Credit, which is an outside financing company that allows patients to finance the cost of their treatment. You can apply online and find out instantly if you are approved. Once approved, you are able to put your balance on your Care Credit account and pay off the balance directly to Care Credit. Care Credit offers 0% financing for 12 months and will send you monthly statements. To find out more about Care Credit and apply for financing, go to: