Fluoride Treatment for Adults: Why Fluoride is Not Just for Kids – 2022

Fluoride is a standard treatment for children to fight cavities and tooth decay, but what about getting a fluoride treatment for adults? Many adults are under the misconception that fluoride treatments are for children. But, contrary to popular belief, most dentists advocate for you to get a fluoride treatment during your next six-month dental cleaning.

Fluoride Treatment for Adults: Is it necessary?

Fluoride is essential when you’re young to build a strong foundation of oral health, but you might not think it’s as necessary to get a fluoride treatment for adults. Fluoride treatments help fight bacteria, plaque, gum disease, and tooth decay. And, despite common misconceptions, adults need the benefits of fluoride treatments just as much as children, if not more.

Fluoride in Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Fluoride is in almost every dental product you use in your daily brushing and oral hygiene routine because it helps fight plaque and prevent cavities. Toothpaste, mouthwash, and other oral hygiene products contain the recommended fluoride levels, but professional fluoride treatments have a heavier fluoride concentration.

How Fluoride Benefits Your Teeth and Dental Health

Fluoride benefits your oral health in several ways. It supports healthy tooth enamel, fights cavities, and kills harmful bacteria that lead to gum disease. Fluoride treatments are necessary for children and adults because it…

Reduces Plaque

Plaque is a sticky film that develops when bacteria build up in your mouth. It coats your teeth and gums and leads to various oral health problems, like gum disease, tooth root, and more. Your enamel protects the nerves and roots of your teeth from harmful bacteria. The acidity in plaque breaks down your enamel and invites bacteria that cause tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. Fluoride helps keep your teeth and gums clear of festering bacteria that cause plaque.

Strengthens Tooth Enamel

Fluoride treatments for adults are like taking your armor to get repaired and polished before returning to battle. Fluoride strengthens your enamel, which is the protective layer of armor between the nerves of your teeth and disease-causing bacteria. The extra electron in fluoride helps create strong calcium bonds, enhancing the strength and protection of your enamel coating.

Prevents Root Decay

The roots of your teeth play a critical role in enabling your natural oral functions, diet, and appearance. If you are over the age of 35, you are at a higher risk for gum disease and root decay, which leads to tooth loss. Fluoride targets the bacteria under your gum line and in hard-to-reach spots in your mouth to halt the progression of root decay and gum disease. Regular fluoride treatments provide lasting benefits for the longevity of your oral health.

What should you expect during a fluoride treatment?

Your dentist will apply the fluoride treatment with a swab, tray, or highly concentrated mouthwash rinse. A fluoride treatment only takes a few minutes at the dentist’s office, doesn’t hurt a bit, and has a much higher fluoride concentration than your average toothpaste or mouthwash. Your dentist will likely instruct you to avoid eating or drinking for at least 30 minutes following your treatment.

Children are not the only ones who should go to the dentist for fluoride treatments every six months. If you want to avoid gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral health problems down the road, start getting a fluoride treatment every time you visit the dentist. Call our office to schedule your consultation and ask about a fluoride treatment for adults during your next dental cleaning.