Fun Ways to Help Your Kids Love to Brush!

Do you have a child that may need a little help establishing a hygiene routine? Or perhaps your child got a little off schedule with life’s current situation? Our dental hygienists and the Tonka Smiles team have come up with some creative ideas that may help with some dental hygiene habits.

  1. Philips Sonicare App – Philips Sonicare has an amazing app you can download that shows you a video of a mouth with “sugar bugs” and bubbles are created in different areas that you can follow along while brushing. The video has a countdown clock and then gives you an award certificate once you have completed it. The app allows you to ad your child’s name and photo also. The great thing about the app is you can still follow along even if you do not have a Sonicare toothbrush.
  2. Timer – Use any kind of timer (phone works great) and set it to 2 minutes.
  3. Sing a Song – Make it a fun experience and sing a fun song while brushing. Maybe add in some extra lyrics to fill in the time!
  4. Try an Electric Toothbrush – Sometimes trying something new and different is a good way to rekindle a habit.
  5. Read a Book About Dental Habits – Make it fun! Talk up the dental hygiene experience and make it a fun thing that you get to do and not something you have to do.
  6. Recommendations – For children ages 3+ we recommend a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and to brush for 2 minutes twice a day. Mom and/or dad should help with flossing and we’ve found that it’s easiest when the child is laying down.

We hope you enjoyed our ideas and that these tips come in handy for your family!

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