Simple Steps to Improving Your Smile

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You’re unhappy with your smile. In fact, you’ve been bothered by it for years, and now you’re ready to do something about it. Where do you start?

Improving your smile and oral health does not need to be invasive or expensive. But having an expert help you make the right subtle alterations could be lifechanging. Not only has today’s cosmetic dentistry options expanded but the procedures and techniques we employ are safer, more convenient, and more affordable than ever before.

Our well-established dental practice has long been ahead of the curve when it comes to highly advanced forms of modern technology, and effective and safe forms of anesthesia. Our goal is to efficiently address your needs and provide the best, most comfortable care possible to resolve them.

What to Do if You Have a Bad Smile

Read on to learn more about what you can do and how our dental professionals can help you achieve the smile of your dreams with just a few small improvements.

What do dentists do to make your teeth look better?

At Tonka Smiles, we offer several cosmetic services, from dental implants and teeth whitening to dental bonding and porcelain veneers that will transform your smile and boost your self confidence.

Teeth Whitening

Perhaps the simplest, most convenient dental service that packs the biggest punch is our teeth whitening options. Our treatments are fast and easy, whitening the most darkened and yellowed teeth, removing stains and brightening your smile. The condition of your teeth, the degree of the staining, and the bleaching system you choose all play a part in how white your teeth become and how long they’ll stay white. But when you come in for a consultation with Dr. Johnson or Dr. Phillips, we’ll be sure to present you with all the options and help you determine what would be the best fit for you and your oral goals.

Dental Implants

Looking to fill a gap from a missing tooth? At Tonka Smiles, we believe no one should have to life without a full set of teeth, and when choosing between teeth replacement options, dental implants are the solution that most closely resembles your natural teeth. So, whether you’re missing one tooth, a few, or most of your teeth, we can place new implant teeth in your jaw that will restore your smiles both functionally and aesthetically.

Dental Bonding

If unsightly chips, cracks, discoloration, or gaps bother you about your smile, dental bonding is an excellent choice for fixing those minor aesthetic problems. We mechanically and chemically bond naturally colored resin to your teeth, creating a straighter and whiter smile. We perform this procedure in our office, and no anesthesia is needed. It’s a quick treatment, and you can expect to the back out the door and on with your life and beautiful new smile in less than an hour.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers help fix the same issues as dental bonding—discoloration, chips, and cracks—but rather than using a resin that we mold and shape, veneers are porcelain shells that we adhere to your teeth. We conduct a thorough smile analysis first to ensure we blend the details of your natural features, such as skin tone, tooth color, and jaw structure, with your desired goals. And we use a color matching technique to create veneers that compliment your smile. One of the greatest advantages for getting veneers is that they are less susceptible to staining than natural enamel, providing an even longer lasting bright smile.

Gummy Smile

Can you get rid of a gummy smile? If you wish you could magically shrink down those gums of yours and make them disappear, we offer a few different techniques, including crown lengthening, the most popular gummy smile treatment, to resolve this issue. Crown lengthening transforms small teeth into regular-sized teeth which decreases the amount of exposed gum tissue when you smile. During the procedure, we remove excess gum and bone tissue around your teeth. Call us to learn more!

Ready to improve your smile?

Contact our office today and schedule a consultation with one of our skilled and experienced dentists. We will help you make your smile dreams a reality!