New Year, New Smile: How to Step Up Your Oral Hygiene Routine

As we kick off 2022, it’s time to reflect on 2021 and set our sights high on the new year. What New Year’s resolutions will you make? Is this the year to step up your oral hygiene routine? Check out the tips below on how to ensure you have a healthy smile in 2022.

blonde woman in winter clothing holding sparklers and smiling

Do you really need to brush your teeth twice a day?

Many of us are still recovering from 2020, the year that stole our normal routines and daily habits. Because whether you’re a professional or a student, no one could tell over Zoom if you’d brushed or not. And you no longer needed to worry about bad breath, thanks to masking mandates. But the truth is our teeth need regular brushing whether anyone sees them or not. Make this the year you bring back the excellent habit of brushing your teeth every single morning and evening. Get yourself a new toothbrush and make sure to clean the backs of each tooth. This is crucial for keeping your oral health in tip top shape.

What does flossing actually do?

For many of us, flossing is an extra that we never quite get around to doing except for maybe the week after we visit our dentist and the week before. What most people don’t realize is that evening brushing depends on flossing to get the entire cleaning job done. Brushing covers about 60% of your teeth’s surfaces, while flossing removes debris and plaque from the remaining 40%. In other words, brushing is pretty much just half the battle. So, make sure flossing is part of your oral hygiene routine for 2022. Be gentle and thorough. And as you revisit your flossing routine, check out all the latest flavors and flossing materials that are available today.

Why is sugar so bad for your teeth?

Sugar is the number one cause of cavities. Here’s how it works. Our mouths are full of bacteria, good and bad, and the harmful bacteria feed on sugar and starches, creating acids that can destroy enamel and go into deep layers of our teeth, making painful holes that we call cavities. Our mouths naturally fight cavities through a process called demineralization, using minerals in our enamel and saliva. But when we take in more sugar and starches than our mouths can handle, cavities result. Limit your sugar and starch intake to keep your teeth healthier this year.

Why are regular dental cleanings so important?

Attending dental visits every six months saves you money (and pain) in the long run. Do you skip because you’re afraid the dentist might find a problem? Do you dread the discomfort of have your teeth and gums cleaned? Putting off regular cleanings not only allows potentially painful problems to spiral out of control but can also lead to more costly treatments. On the other hand, keeping up with these appointments can prevent cavities, tooth loss, and even cardiovascular disease, cancer, bone loss, strokes, and other problems. Boost your oral health and your overall health but prioritizing your professional teeth cleanings and checkups this year.

Need an incentive?

To launch your New Year’s resolution of making your oral hygiene routine a top priority, find out about fast and easy at-home teeth whitening systems from your dentist. There’s nothing like a bright, white smile to start the year and get you motivated to maintain your oral health throughout the coming months. Brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups will keep those pearly whites sparkling all year long. Contact top dentist in Minnetonka, MN and request an appointment today!